Social audits & assessments


A social audit is the first step to holding an organization accountable to its social mission—because you can’t manage what you don’t measure.



  • Take stock of your social strategy
  • Identify indicators to monitor achievement of your social mission
  • Align policies and procedures with your social goals
  • Report on progress towards your mission

Services proposed by CERISE

  • In-depth social audits for financial service providers, social businesses, financial intermediaries/investors
  • Rapid assessments
  • Off-site “help desk” support for self-assessments using CERISE social audit tools
  • Post-assessment support to prioritize recommendations, implement action plans                   

Typical clients

Financial service providers | Social businesses | Investors, donors, foundations | International networks

Audits for financial service providers
Audits for social businesses
Assessments for Impact Investors, Networks
Measurement on  contribution to SDG for all types of organizations