I am stuck on the page entitled “Read carefully”

1) You need to enable macros of your excel file. How to enable macros : http://www.exceltrick.com/how_to/enable-macros-in-excel.
2) You have enabled macros, but you are still stuck on this page and cannot access the core tool: the Microsoft Excel version set on your computer may be too outdated. Try to open the SPI4 tool from another computer (with Excel 2007 SPP3 (Service Pack 3) or more recent versions.
3) If you already have the version Excel 2007 and still unable to activate macros, install the Service Pack 3 which provides the latest updates to the 2007 Microsoft Office Suite: https://www.microsoft.com/en-US/download/details.aspx?id=27838

What is the SPI4 filtering per function?

It was created to help auditors with filling in the tool.

  • Function – this column refers to the operational area primarily responsible for the practice identified in the indicator
  • Verification – this column lists the operational areas you can refer to triangulate and verify information
  • Relevant documents – these are the key documents that will help you fill in the indicators as part of a desk review

Make sure to keep the “KEEP CHECKED” filter activated, in order to keep the Dimensions and Standards visible, so the questionnaire makes sense!

The graphs don’t seem to appear properly

You need to fill in ALL the indicators in the questionnaire to see the graphs being generated–even those detail level questions in like 3b217 or 3b329! The counter at the top of the questionnaire will let you know how many indicators remain to be answered. 

To easily identify which indicators remain to be answered, filter column AM (click on the small gray triangle) and select “—–“.

What are the blue dots in Column A of the Organization Information page?

The dots designate indicators that are needed to fill in the Social Dashboard.

Can I import data from other assessment tools?

The SPI4 is fully aligned with the Smart Campaign’s Client Protection Principles, MIX MRE and Microfact Factsheet, developed by ADA/BRS. Users can import data from any of these assessment formats to make it easier and faster to fill in the SPI4. Just click on the assessment format you’d like to import and follow the instructions. Consult the SPI4 STEP BY STEP

What is the external reporting option?

The external reporting option lets users filter the questionnaire to either add or subtract indicators, based on certain institutions’ reporting requirements: Opportunity International affiliates, ALINUS (developed by the working group for social investors – a subset of 68 indicators to use in investor due diligence and reporting). 

What are the optional modules for?

If your institution has a specific mission focus, you can select additional modules that will add indicators for a deeper analysis in this area.

If your institution has a specific mission focus, you can select additional modules that will add indicators for a deeper analysis in this area.

  • Poverty – For institutions with a specific poverty focus, these indicators were developed by Truelift (additionnal questionnaire)
  • Gender – Few indicators added in Organization Information page, developed with Women’s World Banking for institutions with a specific women focus
  • Green Index – Seventh dimension in SPI4 questionnaire with indicators to measure your practices in green microfinance, developed with the European Microfinance Platform