Access SPI online

Dear user,

As announced in the previous months, we have just closed the current version of SPI Online.

The Cerise+SPTF team is in the process of switching your data to the new SPI Online platform (version 2). If you have a work in progress on SPI4 or ALINUS, you will be able to finish it as soon as those audits are available on the platform.

The new SPI Online platform is now available: You will find the new tools aligned with the Universal Standards for Social and Environmental Performance Management, and a brand new user experience, with multiple resources and guides.

Until then, if you have any needs, questions, emergencies, please contact us here:

We will upload SPIflats Excel sheets in the coming days. These files will allow you to complete the new audits while waiting for the platform to be fully opened. The SPIflats you’ll complete will be uploadable on the new SPI Online platform. Please contact us if you need access to a SPIflat Excel sheet :

We are excited to bring you a whole new experience in social and environmental performance management!

See you soon,

The Cerise+SPTF team