Social performance management

SPM is about making an organization’s social mission a reality whatever that mission is

Social performance refers to how effectively an organization achieves its stated social goals and creates value for the population it aims to reach.

Social performance management focuses on how the management systems, processes and products translate an organization’s social mission into practice.

Because having a social mission is not the same as achieving it

With social performance management

  • Organizations are held accountable to their mission
  • Daily operations and management systems are infused with the social purpose
  • Organizations are equipped to bring value to their target population, whether they are clients, employees, suppliers or the community
  • We increase the chances of making finance responsible, ethical and inclusive

Why measure social performance?

CERISE believes that finance can be responsible, ethical and inclusive, when actors are committed to managing their social performance.

And you can’t manage what you don’t measure!

All our social audit tools are free, because we believe in the power of collective knowledge and collaboration. Give them a try and let us know what you think.

How do you measure social performance?

By using CERISE’s social audit tools for financial service providers, social businesses, and financial intermediaries

In sectors like inclusive finance, we work with standards frameworks that we’ve helped create. Our SPI4 audit tool for financial service providers is based on the Universal Standards for Social Performance Management, promoted by the Social Performance Task Force.  


In sectors where standards are still emerging–like social business and impact investing–we facilitate the co-creation process through working groups and an iterative approach based on testing and user feedback.


Learn more

Check out our free e-learning module on SPM and the social audit tool SPI4 for financial service providers, available on the Responsible Inclusive Finance Academy.

Visit the Social Performance Task Force website for documents, webinars, presentations, and videos on social performance management and its benefits for financial service providers.