SBS Light

SBS Light is a subset of the Social Business Scorecard, a self-assessment tool for social businesses to measure their social performance. SBS Light is a social due diligence tool for impact investors investing in social businesses.







What is SBS Light



SBS Light is a subset of indicators from the CERISE Social Business Scorecard.  SBS Light was co-created with investors for streamlined due diligence.



SBS Light focuses on issues key to due diligence, for faster identification of strengths and risks. Like SBS, SBS Light assesses social business against 7 key dimensions.  But instead of going into details of the indicators, SBS Light assesses practices at a higher level. This way, investment officers spend less time on data collection, more time on analysis.






Get valuable data for investment decisions





  • Easily identify social businesses
  • Better understand different SB models and profiles
  • Quickly assess social and reputational risk
  • Get an overview before going deeper into a social audit
  • Visualize results in a dashboard that can be attached to investment memos






Learn more about how to use and make the most of SBS Light.