MetODD-SDG is an assessment tool that lets mission-driven businesses measure their contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals. MetODD-SDG is a list of micro-level indicators for SDG Targets. Pilot testing is underway - download the tool and send us your feedback!

Developed collaboratively, iteratively

MetODD-SDG draws on recent impact measurement initiatives from the private sector including UN Global Compact SDG Compass, UNPRI, GIIN, IMP, SPTF, HIPSO and CSAF.

CERISE and its working group iteratively defined a list of indicators covering 73 Targets for 16 of the 17 SDGs.

MetODD-SDG was created with the support of the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs.

Why use MetODD-SDG?

MetODD-SDG is the only list of micro-level indicators for SDG Targets.
– Applicable to all mission-driven organizations
– A limited number of simple operational indicators adapted to most situations
– Aligned with international standards including the IRIS Catalog of generally-accepted performance metrics
– A logical selection of indicators to measure from intention to impact
– Indicators structured in six categories, from simple to more complex-learn as you go

Start from your social mission or impact thesis.

Open MetODD-SDG and identify the SDGs you believe to contribute to. Verify by checking at the target level the ones that fits with your own social mission.

From there, select a range of indicators from 6 categories to measure outputs to impact:
– Who are you reaching?
– How much are you producing?
– What changes are you having through your business operations?
– How do you ensure your product is accessible?
– What changes are you having on beneficiaries?
– What contribution to the SDGs at the national level? What impact?