How to fill in Org Info in SPI online?

Basic Tips for SPI Users


We are happy to see more and more users of SPI take ownership of the digital version of the SPI tool. We’ve nearly 1,400 audits in our database at end of April 2022 from more than 780 FSPs in 99 countries!

However, when CERISE team reviews these audits, we see auditors making similar mistakes when entering data in the “Organization Information” part of the audit. Most mistakes are format errors. When data is entered in the wrong format, it has an impact on the dashboard you get at the end of the audit: some graphs and ratios may not appear correctly.

To prevent this and learn how to best fill in Org Info in SPI online, please take a look at our basic tips tool for SPI users:


And we remind you that, for any questions on SPI, you can refer to our online resources available:

You can also contact our Support Team at