Finish your audits on SPI Online

Exceptional communication for SPI Online users


As you probably know, the new version of SPI Online fully aligned with Universal Standards 3.0, will be available soon. The new SPI platform will be officially launched in early 2023.

This is an exceptional communication to avoid any risk of data loss in the transition phase to the new SPI platform.

All audits conducted on the current version of SPI Online will be accessible on the new platform provided they are finalized by the user and validated by Cerise.

Therefore, if you have started audits on the current version of SPI Online, please complete your audit at 100% and click on “Finish audit” before December 15th, 2022.

This will allow Cerise to validate and transfer your audits to the new SPI platform. Thereby, in early 2023, you will be able to access your finalized audits by logging into your account on the new SPI platform (more guidance to come).

Please be aware that Cerise cannot guarantee your audits will be transferred without compliance with this procedure.

If you do not want some of your validated audits to be transferred, please contact

If you wish to keep your data in Excel, we also recommend you export your audits to an SPI Flat file and download your results.