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July, Wednesday 3: virtual trainings on MetODD-SDG, a simple methodology to track your contribution to the SDGs

Join us on Wednesday, July 3rd for two introductory 70-minute sessions at MetODD-SDG, the only list of indicators at the microeconomic level geared to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals Targets. Practical and educational, MetODD-SDG is suitable for any type of actor with a positive social impact intent. In French at 11am (Paris time) (click to…

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A peak into MetODD-SDG!

A case study of a mission-driven organization using MetODD-SDG to measure its contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals. In 2018, CERISE and its working group created the first unifying framework that enables mission-driven organizations to track their contribution to SDG Targets. MetODD-SDG gives a list of micro indicators applicable to all kinds of projects and social…

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