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Progress in microfinance should inspire digital finance

Fintech, digital credit, pay-as-you-go … Nowdays, these new services are essential and hold great promise in transforming the sector of microfinance! By adopting digital finance new technologies, MFIs are getting closer to their customers and can reach more people. These innovations also help to better meet the needs of customers while reducing the cost toaccess financial…

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7 dimensions that define a high impact social business

The Social Business Scorecard is a self-assessment tool created to help social businesses achieve their social mission. SBS was developed by CERISE and a working group comprised of organizations looking to define what it means to be a social business. Over the course of 3 years of iterative and collaborative discussions, the group decided on…

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Social performance & impact

Is there a difference between social performance and impact?  At CERISE we promote social performance as an approach to more impactful organizations. But does that mean social performance is the same as impact? Not for us. Key differences between social performance and impact When you measure impact, the focus is on beneficiaries and attribution.  How…

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