After The European Microfinance Week 2020

Discussion summary after the meeting of CERISE LabODD & e-MFP Investors Action Group Members


On November 18th, the Online European Microfinance Week 2020 was launched. At the opening sessions, e-MFP’s Investor Action Group and CERISE LabODD members met to discuss social performance measurement within microfinance institutions.

The meeting was organised jointly with SPTF’s Social Investor Working Group. It focused on data quality and use of data, with one MFI (ESAF India), one global network (Opportunity International), and one investor (Oikocredit) sharing their experiences.

To learn more, read the Special Report by MicroCapital: “Investors Not Incentivizing MFIs Sufficiently re Measuring Social Performance

You can also take a look at the last year Special Report: “e-MFP Investors Action Group Wrestles with Measuring Microfinance Client Outcomes in Alignment with UN’s SDGs


e-MFP Investors Action Group main aim is to provide a platform for a broad spectrum of investors (debt & equity, social and commercial) to share experiences and collaborate on areas of common interest. Since 2019, the AG led by CERISE has been developing a project to explore innovative approaches for investors on measuring and reporting outcomes on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).