Recent projects

Microfinance Initiative for Asia is a debt fund managed by Blue Orchard. CERISE is providing tailored technical assistance in social performance management and client protection to microfinance institutions in the MIFA portfolio.  India, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Myanmar, Sri Lanka. 2017-2019

Social investor SIDI provides financial and institutional support to MFIs, producer organizations and social businesses around the world. SIDI called on CERISE to help it define and structure its theory of change and impact reporting framework.  2018

Proparco is the investment arm of the French Agency for Development. CERISE has created a due diligence tool for Proparco to assess social business investment funds. 2017-2018

Opportunity International is a network of microfinance institutions in 24 countries around the world. CERISE provides off-site coaching to OI partners on how to use the SPI4 and how to improve SPM practices. 2016-2018

Vision Fund International is a network of microfinance institutions with over 30 affiliates worldwide. CERISE is providing training and capacity building to VFI Social Performance Managers in the CERISE-SPI4 social audit tool. 2017-2018