Recent projects

CERISE works with Ankuram and the support of the Nordic Microfinance Initiative (NMI) to guide the institution Satin Creditcare Network Ltd in an impact study, including the profile of customers, their satisfaction and expected changes in relation to the SDGs taken into account in the strategy of this large Indian organization. 2020

In 2020, CERISE joins forces with Incofin and M-CRIL on measuring results! Incofin has launched a multi-year partnership that will help beneficiaries of a dedicated fund (agRIF) to rigorously monitor their impact with their target customers, by collecting key information and using pragmatic “impact dashboards”. Read press release

The Grameen Crédit Agricole Foundation supports rural development in Africa, Asia and Central Europe through investment services and technical support for PSFs and social enterprises. CERISE works with GCAMF to define its impact strategy, set up its impact management system (approach, indicators, data collection protocols) and communicate externally on its results. 2019-2020

With Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, CERISE leads a technical assistance and GPS project in the Caribbean region. The objective is to assess and improve the local PSF’s GPS capabilities, giving them access to best practices and the most recent tools in this area. 8 audits were carried out in 2019, others are to come in 2020 as well as a regional benchmark report. 2019-2020

Between March and December 2019, CERISE and BRAC International worked jointly to train and qualify SPI4 auditors within affiliated institutions and international headquarters. CERISE provided virtual training for auditors as well as remote support for carrying out SPI4 audits and analyzing the results. Thanks to a strong commitment from participants, this project contributed to the creation and appropriation of a clear GPS action plan by all BRAC International affiliates.