Created in 1998, CERISE is a French non-profit dedicated to responsible and ethical finance. Pioneer of social performance manangement, CERISE is dedicated to finding solutions for mission-driven organizations to make their social goals a reality.

We believe that finance can be responsible, ethical and inclusive, as long as economic actors adopt approaches to measure and manage their social performance.

CERISE is a social innovator We work with actors in inclusive finance, social business and impact-investing to co-create social standards and social assessment tools that are free to all.

CERISE offers consultancy services to all types of mission-driven organizations equipping them with the skills and tools they need to define and achieve their impact thesis.

Our mission: Support actors in inclusive finance and social business worldwide achieve their social mission.


Cécile Lapenu is Executive Director at CERISE. Cécile held the presidency of the European Microfinance Platform (eMFP) in 2013, is a Board member of the Social Performance Task Force (SPTF). Before joining CERISE in 2001, Cécile worked as an expert in Rural Finance for IFPRI and CIRAD. A Ph.D in agricultural economics, Cécile defended her doctoral thesis in 1996 on microfinance in Indonesia.
Bonnie Brusky is Deputy Director at CERISE. She has over 20 years of experience in microfinance, specialized in social performance and client-centered research. A seasoned professional with rural and urban field experience in Africa, Asia and South America, Bonnie is a certified lead trainer and assessor for the Smart Campaign and senior advisor to the SEEP Network. Bonnie holds a BA from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a DESS in development studies from Université Paris-La Sorbonne.
Jon Sallé is Program Manager at CERISE for Social Business. He manages the development of SPI4 tool and the Social Business Scorecard (SBS). Specialist in social business, he oversees partner relationships, facilitates working groups and supports SBS audits and strategic recommendations. Before joining CERISE, Jon worked in microfinance as an investment officer, and in two award-winning social ventures involved in energy access in India and Africa. Jon holds diplomas from Ecole Centrale de Lyon and HEC Paris.


CERISE was founded in 1998 by five of the leading French organizations supporting microfinance around the world: CIDR, GRET, IRAM, IRC/SupAgro, and CIRAD.  CERISE started as peer-learning platform, to promote knowledge sharing among the founding members.

In 2012, CERISE registered as a not-for-profit association dedicated to ethical finance.

Today, the Board is comprised of four of the founding members, represented by their organizations (CIDR, GRET, IRAM) or as individuals.

Monique Cohen is the President of CERISE since March 2017. International expert on microfinance, Monique Cohen worked on impact issues for USAID before founding in 2002 Microfinance Opportunities, organization dedicated to financial education for low-income populations.

Business model

Social innovator

CERISE works with mission-driven organizations to co-develop social standards and create self-assessment tools that are public goods.

Around 40% of CERISE’s budget comes from subsidies, which allows us to innovate as well as uphold our open-access approach.

Service provider

The remaining 60% of CERISE’s budget is self-financed through a service mix designed to support actors in inclusive finance and social business worldwide achieve their social mission.

These partners have provided invaluable support over the years:

Partners & clients

CERISE has worked closely and successfully with a range of partners in the North and South.

Learn more about recent projects and how CERISE helps mission-driven organizations achieve their social goals.

Recent projects

Microfinance Initiative for Asia is a debt fund managed by Blue Orchard. CERISE is providing tailored technical assistance in social performance management and client protection to microfinance institutions in the MIFA portfolio.  India, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Myanmar, Sri Lanka. 2017-2019

Social investor SIDI provides financial and institutional support to MFIs, producer organizations and social businesses around the world. SIDI called on CERISE to help it define and structure its theory of change and impact reporting framework.  2018

Proparco is the investment arm of the French Agency for Development. CERISE has created a due diligence tool for Proparco to assess social business investment funds. 2017-2018

Opportunity International is a network of microfinance institutions in 24 countries around the world. CERISE provides off-site coaching to OI partners on how to use the SPI4 and how to improve SPM practices. 2016-2018

Vision Fund International is a network of microfinance institutions with over 30 affiliates worldwide. CERISE is providing training and capacity building to VFI Social Performance Managers in the CERISE-SPI4 social audit tool. 2017-2018

Job openings

Do you share the vision that finance can be responsible, ethical, inclusive? Are you motivated by a collaborative, dynamic and values-driven work environment? Join us!

Positions currently available:

CERISE currently does not have any positions open right now, but feel free to send us your CV and cover letter to include in our recruitment database.