Inclusive finance

Impact Finance Barometer 2022


Building Resilience in Inclusive Finance Organisations. Article on page 16 written by Oricel Caminero, Executive Coach, Consultant & Trainer at Achieve Consulting Group, S.R.L ; Cara S. Forster, Independent Microfinance Consultant, SPTF ; and Célia Fernandez, Head of Communication and SDG Project at Cerise.

MicroVest 2019 Social Impact Report


In view of purposeful investing, MicroVest uses SPI4 ALINUS from CERISE “to help us standardize our measurement of a portfolio company’s social performance” says Gil Crawford, the CEO of MicroVest.

In English only.

GIIN report on the State of Impact Measurement and Management Practice, 2nd Edition

Based on data from 278 impact investors—including 109 two-year repeat respondents—this report provides the most comprehensive view of how impact investors assess their social and environmental impact, and the trends that have shaped IMM practices in the past two years. See the Spolight section about “Impact Investing Audits” p.56-57.

Cuestiones claves para dirigir una institución de segundo piso sólida y durable

Guía operacional destinado a las organizaciones de financiamiento de segundo piso y sus contrapartes, elaborado a partir de la capitalización de experiencias de las instituciones de segundo piso contrapartes de la SIDI.

En colaboración con F3E, 2017

The USSPM as an inspiring framework for impact investing


Article by CERISE, 2018.


The Universal Standards for Social Performance Management – Where do we go from here?


e-MFP brief serie n°7, October 2018. Edited by European Microfinance Platform


The challenge of microfinance

The challenge of microfinance: being responsible to be sustainable, being profitable to be responsible. Article in the Microfinance Barometer 2018.

Making microfinance work better


Making microfinance work better with the Universal Standards and CERISE-SPI4. Article in the Microfinance Barometer 2017.


Eco d’ici et ailleurs


In French only.

CERISE’s Jon Sallé is interviewed by Jean-Pierre Boris of RFI, along with Philippe Guichandut, of Fondation Grameen du Crédit Agricole and Cyril Fouillet, Economist at ESSCA, l’Ecole de Management d’Angers.


Behind the buzz: the rise of client-centred finance


Article from the Microfinance Barometer 2016


De nouveaux objectifs pour la microfinance

In French only.

Après une phase de crise et de doutes, elle repart sur des bases assainies et intègre l’enjeu environnemental.

Article in L’AGEFI Hebdo from 27/08/2015.

Prefinancing mechanisms in fair trade


Factsheets for companies and producer organizations. Study conducted by CERISE and published in 2015 by the Platform for Fair Trade in partnership with Max Havelaar France and Ethiquable. The study identifies the main financing options available in Europe for pre-financing of fair trade contracts.


Does good client protection impact financial performance


e-MFP Brief Series, Brief 2, October 2011. Edited by European Microfinance Platform

Strengthening Governance for Responsible Finance: Examples from European Investment Funds


e-MFP Brief Series, Brief 2, October 2011. Edited by European Microfinance Platform

Driving Investment Decisions with Social Performance Information


e-MFP Brief Series, Brief 1, October 2011. Edited by European Microfinance Platform

Making Microfinance Investment Responsible – State of the Practice in Europe


European Dialogue No. 3, Nov 2010. Edited by European Microfinance Platform


The Role of Investors in Promoting Social Performance in Microfinance


European Dialogue No. 1, June 2008. Edited by European Microfinance Platform


Producer’s organizations & financial institutions – a guide


In French only.

This guide explores how to reinforce partnerships between producer organizations and rural finance institutions. Developed in partnership with SupAgro and IRAM.