Customized advisory services to impact investors, foundations, holding companies and donors, to help turn intentions into impact.


Helping investors turn intentions into impact

Whether public or private, an investor or grantmaker, a startup or fully-fledged company, CERISE can guide your organization to craft policies, procedures, tools and reporting formats that operationalize your impact thesis—i.e., the path towards your mission.

  • Are your investments having the impact you intend?
  • Do your management systems align with your social responsibility strategy?
  • Are you tracking the social and environmental data you need?
  • Does it serve a purpose, beyond reporting?

CERISE assists investors and grantmakers navigate the many questions that come with having impact goals.

We work together to find and implement answers that are specific and relevant to each organization’s mission but inscribed with standardized frameworks to promote a common language.

Our offer for foundations & impact investors


  • Rapid diagnostic of funds’ social strategy and impact thesis based on CERISE-IDIA (Impact-Driven Investor Assessment)
  • In-depth social audit


  • Awareness raising and coaching of asset owners, governance bodies, staff
  • Training and coaching on environmental and social risk identification, data collection and analysis, impact reporting

Direct support

  • Strategy redesign based on impact thesis
  • Identification of impactful business models
  • Definition of metrics linked to Sustainable Development Goals using CERISE-MetODD-SDG (methodology to measure contribution to the SDGs)
  • Data protocols and social dashboards
  • Structuration of SPM governance
  • Revision of policies and procedures
  • Investee analysis and profiling