Proyectos recientes

Opportunity International es una red deinstituciones de microfinanzas en 24 países alrededor del mundo. CERISEproporciona capacitación a distancia a los miembros de OI para mejorar la aplicaciónde la herramienta SPI4 y las prácticas de GDS. 2016-2019

MIFA (Iniciativa de Microfinanzas para Asia) es unfondo administrado por Blue Orchard. CERISE ofrece asistencia técnicapersonalizada en gestión del desempeño social y en protección del cliente paralas IMF de la cartera de MIFA en India, en Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan,Myanmar, Sri Lanka. 2017-2019

The Grameen Crédit Agricole Microfinance Foundation supports rural development in Africa, Asia and Central Europe through investment services and technical support to FSPs and social businesses. CERISE will work with CGAMF to define its impact strategy, to set up its impact management system (approach, indicators, data collection protocols) and to communicate external on its results. 2019

The European Investment Bank (EIB) team seeks to reinforce the use of ALINUS and build staff capacities to efficiently assess and implement client protection and social performance standards. CERISE is providing trainings and hotline support to answer key technical questions on the assessment process and indicators. 2019

Agricultural Business Initiative (aBi) supports agribusiness development in Uganda. CERISE will be guiding aBi Finance, the investment arm of aBi, to define a suitable social and environmental reporting framework and tools to measure and manage practices of aBi partners: FSPs and agribusiness SMEs. 2019