Advisory services & technical assistance

Tailored support to define, refine or implement your social strategy and measure your contribution to change.



  • Make a positive difference for your partners collecting data with a purpose, meeting your clients’ needs, reacting in the case of unintentional negative impact
  • Generate business insight, being accountable towards impact goals, taking informed decisions, identifying the good partners, reporting on progress

Services proposed by CERISE

  • Strategy redesign based on impact thesis
  • Structuration of mission-driven governance
  • Identification of social indicators to monitor achievement towards social goals
  • Definition of metrics aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals
  • Design and development of social dashboards and reporting formats and protocols
  • Clients’ identification, profiling and analysis
  • Crafting and revision of policies, manuals and procedures to support the social strategy
  • Support for committed, trained and equipped employees

Typical clients

Investors, donors, foundations | International networks


Advisory services for investors