The SPI4 is free, but in order to ensure high quality results and widespread use of the tool and social performance assessment, CERISE strongly encourages SPI4 users to get trained on how to use the tool efficiently!

Live Demos on SPI!

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    SPI4 APR Estimation Tool Tutorial

    Associated with the SPI4 is an Annual Percentage Rate (APR) estimation tool. CERISE’s Excel-based SPI4 APR Estimation Tool makes it easy for SPI4 users to calculate the APR and complete the indicator on Loan Pricing in the Organization Information section of SPI online.

    And it now includes a streamlined version of the well-established Microfinance Transparency APR Calculator as a separate tab right inside the Excel file. Learn more.

    To know more about the difference between the SPI4 APR Estimation Tool and the MTF APR Caculator, and how they can be used together to calculate the APR of a loan portfolio, check out this tutorial:

    Free e-learning module on SPM and SPI4

    Looking for a quick introduction to social performance and CERISE SPI4? Start with this free 2 hours module. 


    Important: CERISE does not provide e-learning training certificate on SPM and SPI4. The only participation into this module does not give SPI4 qualification for auditors. Please see the process to become a qualified auditor.

    On site trainings

    CERISE offers design, development and delivery of training for teams and individuals on SPI4 tool and social performance management.

    Training for EIB member financial institutions in the Dominican Republic

      The objective of CERISE in leading this training was to provide concrete tools to help institution in improving management practices, strategic planning and monitoring of Social Performance. The training addressed a strong need for support expressed by the organizations. It is seen that most organizations still to need support for the evaluation, improvement and…

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    Client Protection Virtual Training for COFIDES

    COFIDES is aiming to strengthen the client protection component of its due diligence framework for microfinance institutions. CERISE designed a two-sessions virtual training to (1) update and reinforce the ESG team and investment officers’ understanding of client protection issues commonly facing microfinance institutions today, and (2) bolster their capacity to analyze practices as part of…

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    Building relationships and embedding social performance among Opportunity International partners in India

    Dia Vikas Capital Pvt. Ltd, a subsidiary of Opportunity International Australia, conducted an virtual SPM training in July for its 12 Indian microfinance partners, including 2 small finance banks. Regular dialogue had revealed knowledge gaps among the SPM champions of the partners, and this webinar was an attempt to bridge that gap and ignite interest…

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