ASA or Accompanied Self-Assessment

The audited Financial Service Proviced is accompanied by an External auditor.

ASAQ or Accompanied Self-Assessment by a Qualified Auditor

The audited FSP is accompanied by an External auditor who has gone through the qualification process with CERISE. See the list of qualified auditors.

Client Protection (CPP)

Client Protection Principles, also known as the Client Protection Certification Standards, promoted by the Smart Campaign. If you have a recent Client Protection Assessment or Certification Excel file, you can import your Client Protection results to SPI online.

Focal point

If you are first person of your organization (FSP or non-FSP) to create an account on SPI, you automatically become your organization’s Focal point on SPI. Focal points have two responsibilities:

The co-workers that you add as Members of your organization receive an invitation to create an account by email. These co-workers cannot automatically see your audits. Adding a co-worker simply facilitates their account creation. 

Green Index

Optional module for FSP to assess environmental performance. Adds additional indicators for a deeper analysis of environmental aspects.

Green Index is developed by e-MFP Green Inclusive & Climate Smart Finance Action Group.

More information on the Green Index


The Owner of an audit is the person who created it. Only the Owner is able edit the audit settings and manage sharing permissions, i.e., invite people to VIEW or MODIFY the audit.

Owners can edit audit settings any time during the audit process, by clicking on Settings on the audit page.

Owners are the only users able to delete an audit, provided it has not been finished.

If you need to change the Owner of the audit, please contact CERISE at

SA or Self-Assessment

The FSP is audited by a FSP staff member.


A SPIflat is a macro-free Excel file that you can export to your computer to conduct or continue your audit offline. A SPIflat file contains the Welcome Page, the Organization Information section and Questionnaire populated with the questions from SPI4 Full, ALINUS and Green Index, depending on what type of assessment and optional modules were chosen in the audit settings page.

SPIFlat is an “input” form—it does not provide scores or results dashboards, which you can download once the audit is 100% complete. 

Use SPIflat to send external partners and stakeholders who do not have a SPI account, for you to share your progress and ask for contributions, for instance.

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