Getting started

Step by Step guide in PDF

Create an account

Go to and fill in the requested information.

1/ Organization’s name: Refers to the organization you work for. If you are independent, note “Independent”.

2/ Entity type: Refers to the type of organization.

3/ Type of profile:

Select FSP staff member if you are employee of an FSP.

Select External auditor If you are a rater, an investor, or an auditor working for an organization

Select External auditor – consultant if you are an independent auditor, which means you are not working for an organization with other staff members. (Even if you have your own company, you are still considered a External auditor – consultant)

“My audits” page

The “My audits” page is the first page that you will see.

It is usually empty the first time you log in.

Once you start conducting online audits, your Homepage will be populated with all the audits that you create, as well as any audits you have been invited to.

The most recent audits will show first – from left to right.

If the “My audits” page is not empty, it means that CERISE has imported your past audits into SPI online, or that you have already conducted or been invited to an audit.

Create an audit

Click on at the top left of the “My audits” page to create a “New audit”.

When you create an audit, you become the Owner of this audit.