Auditing offline

How to audit offline

You can conduct a SPI4 Full or ALINUS audit offline, by downloading from SPI online a macro-free Excel file called SPIflat.

This option has been developed in case you need to work without an Internet connection at some point of your audit (e.g., during the field visits in the branches).

You can export a SPIflat at any time during the audit process.

Once you are done auditing offline, you must import the SPIflat (fully or partially completed) back into SPI. This is required to generate results.


A SPIflat is a macro-free Excel file that you can download on your computer to conduct or continue your audit offline. A SPIflat file contains the Welcome Page, the Organization Information section and Questionnaire populated with the questions from SPI4 Full, ALINUS and Green Index, depending on what type of assessment and optional modules were chosen in the Audit Settings page.

SPIFlat is an “input” form—it does not provide scores or results dashboards, which you can download once the audit is 100% complete.

Use SPIflat to send external partners and stakeholders who do not have a SPI account, for you to share your progress and ask for contributions, for instance.

How to export a SPIflat

A SPIflat will automatically download to your computer if you “Start offline“…

… or you can download it any time during the audit process.

1/ Go to your audit and click on the SPIflat button at the top right of the page.

2/ On the next page, click on Export and a SPIflat will be downloaded on your computer.

How to import SPIflat into SPI online

Import a partially or fully completed SPIflat into SPI at any time, to continue auditing online or to generate your scores and dashboards (once the audit is 100% complete).

1/ Browse to find your Excel file on your computer.

2/ Choose your Import type:

  • Only import data for blank indicators = Only empty answers will be replaced
  • Override all indicators = Your SPIflat audit will totally replace all indicators

3/ Click on Import

Answers coming from your SPIflat will be visible online with a sign on the right side of each indicator (see picture below). If you change an answer coming from SPIflat, this sign will disappear.

Problems with importing? Contact