The SPI4 is free, but in order to ensure high quality results and widespread use of the tool and social performance assessment, CERISE strongly encourages SPI4 users to get trained on how to use the tool efficiently!

Free e-learning module on SPM and SPI4

Looking for a quick introduction to social performance and CERISE SPI4? Start with this free 2 hours module. 

Important: CERISE does not provide e-learning training certificate on SPM and SPI4. The only participation into this module does not give SPI4 qualification for auditors. Please see the process to become a qualified auditor.

On site trainings

CERISE offers design, development and delivery of training for teams and individuals on SPI4 tool and social performance management.

Virtual trainings

Virtual sessions are designed to be interactive. They address specific questions (on the tool itself or the indicators), highlight resources available to SPI4 auditors, and discuss how to use results (prioritizing recommendations, supporting implementation). 

Due to the high demand for training, CERISE offers virtual training sessions to help future auditors better understand the SPI4. To participate in a virtual session, participants must have completely filled in the latest version of the SPI4, either with mock or real data.