Rating agencies

CERISE has signed MOUs with the following rating agencies, to offer qualified auditors among raters to conduct SPI4 audits for interested FSPs. For more information, contact the focal points of the rating agencies:

Inclusion [Social Ratings]: https://inclusionsocialratings.org/
Contact :  Richard Wilson, +34 667 28 30 50 – rwilson@inclusionsocialratings.org

M-CRIL – Micro Credit Ratings International Limited : https://www.m-cril.com/
Contact : Sana Zehra – sanazehra@m-cril.com | Hema Bansal – LinkedIn

MicroFinanza Rating : https://www.mf-rating.com
Contact : Joris Crisà, Inclusive Finance Director – j.crisa@mf-rating.com

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