Better measure results with beneficiaries to improve the impact of mission-driven organizations, in connection with the SDGs. 


The LabODD is a working group led by CERISE to lead the project “Make the SDGs a roadmap for impact!” co-financed by AFD’s CSO Initiatives Mechanism. With the participation of CERISE’s strategic partners, in particular SPTF and e-MFP, and new partners committed to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

Why this project?

To give tools and support to mission-driven organizations in measuring results with their clients and beneficiaries, in connection with the SDGs.

For and with whom?

Microfinance institutions, social businesses and impact investors, focusing on energy access, responsible agriculture and with a gender approach. About 40 organizations are targeted, based in Africa and Asia, and reaching nearly 4 million customers!

What do we do in practice?

  • We train people to better understand the SDG framework and the challenges of measuring results. For partner organizations to take ownership of these elements and integrate them into their strategies and operations.
  • We support partners in the field to collect reliable data from beneficiaries, analyze them and use them in decision-making.
  • We motivate monitoring of results to avoid “rainbow-washing” and make more transparent and concrete the reporting of impact organizations on their contribution to the SDGs.
  • We give tools, standard performance indicators related to the SDGs, specific dashboards to the SDGs, benchmarks and report formats.

The LabODD led by CERISE is the body to monitor, implement and capitalize on this project. Members will work closely together to coordinate field applications, collective creation and the dissemination of open access resources.  


LabODD Key Partners


The LabODD is open to any structure that wants to be an active participant. Register here!