The GSQ is available on CERISE website!

Getting Started Questionnaire: Client Protection Self Assessment for Financial Service Providers


Treating vulnerable clients in a responsible manner should be the bare minimum requirement for providers. This means adapting products, protecting clients from over-indebtedness, treating clients fairly and respectfully, ensuring their privacy, resolving their complaints, and using responsible transparent prices.

The Getting Started Questionnaire (GSQ) helps financial service providers (FSPs) begin to investigate the client protection practices within their own organization. The questionnaire is structured around the Client Protection Principles, each of which is subdivided into standards, which in turn are further broken down into indicators and, if applicable, compliance criteria.

The GSQ was designed by Smart Campaign to serve as a first step for FSPs that have been introduced to the Client Protection Principles and who are interested on improving the client practices of their institution. With the closure of Smart Campaign, the questionnaire remains available and provides a framework for evaluating an FSP’s practices principle by principle, focusing on the areas that are most important for determining how effective the organization’s systems are in protecting clients.

Download the Getting Started Questionnaire now available on CERISE’s website, before the launch of an updated SPM Resource Center early 2021, with SPTF.

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