The Energy Group within LabODD

Explore the issues and practices of outcome measurement, in link with the SDGs, in the energy access sector.


Within the LabODD, CERISE suggests to create en Energy Group, in order to explore more specifically the issues and practices of outcome measurement, in link with the SDGs, for impact organizations involved in the energy access sector (social businesses and impact investors).

The objectives of the Energy Group are the following:

  • Question current approaches and practices: impact thesis, choice of indicators, link with SDGs, use of proxies and formula, lean approach, etc.;
  • Appropriate the SDG framework: navigating at the level of targets and indicators, discussing advantages and limitations;
  • Experiment in the field: support field partners in using existing data and/or collecting and analyzing new data;
  • Share experiences related to outcome data collection, analysis and use;
  • Capitalize: potential co-creation of a common reporting framework, operational guides, or other resources.

Download PDF presentation to learn more:

Energy Group Description



4 workshops will be held between May and July 2021, to share experiences and work on defining a common framework of outcome measurement.

Energy Groupe Agenda

Workshop #1 – Theories of change and SDG framework

Tuesday 11th of May, 2:30 pm – 4:00 pm CEST

A workshop to challenge and refine the theories of change that we use in the energy access sector, and connect them with the SDGs. An opportunity for exchanging among peers and working together on a common framework for outcome measurement.

Workshop Report

Workshop #2 – Needs and expectations of different stakeholders

Thursday 27th of May at 2:30 pm CEST

To identify, understand, compare and reconcile the expectations of energy access social businesses, impact investors, donors and other stakeholders in terms of outcome measurement.

Workshop Report

Workshop #3 – Existing data and how to use them 

Thursday 17th of June at 2:30 pm CEST

To identify what data is already collected in the filed by energy access social businesses, and exchange on how this data can be used, with a focus on proxies and formula (i.e. GOGLA).



Workshop #4 – The “lean data” approach

Thursday 1st of July at 2:30 pm CEST

To get familiar with the “lean data” approach, share experiences, discuss the advantages and limitations of this approach, and the use of tools developed by 60 Decibels (i.e. 60dB Impact Index).

Workshop Report

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