Social Business Challenge

A serious game to discover your social entrepreneur profile!

The Agence Française de Développement (AFD) has collaborated with CERISE to launch its first serious game on the topic of social business in Africa. This mobile application was developed from the Social Business Scorecard (SBS), a self-assessment tool for social enterprises.

The SB Challenge game (available here for iOS or Android) puts you in the shoes of a social innovator, a business leader ready to face all the challenges of economic and human development. 

Your objective: to lead your project following the 7 dimensions (the 7P) that are considered key for driving an impactful and efficient social business: 

Purpose; Public; Products and services; HR Policies; Ethical Principles; Profits; Partnerships.

Through the game, you learn how to make the right decisions to create profits while fulfilling your social mission, depending on the context and your own strategy. 

Investors, employees, local community… You are not alone in this adventure, and SB Challenge is a perfect simulator to put you to the test! At the end of the game, you will discover your scores (according to a performance card) and your entrepreneur profile

Notice to entrepreneurs at heart: this game is for you! 

Download SB Challenge here for free: 

SB Challenge for iOS

SB Challenge for Android