Small trees make great forests

Carbon emissions compensation with Inter Aide

Well aware of climate issues and of its social and environmental responsibility, CERISE compensates for its carbon emissions by contributing, since 2017, to the project of the NGO Inter Aide in Madagascar.

Inter Aide supports rural families in the South-East of Madagascar, for the reforestation of very degraded lands (burning, felling, fires), by combining technical and social innovations in order to remove the obstacles preventing the reforestation of these lands until now.

The developed method mainly combines:

  • Innovative planting techniques with species adapted for the rapid cultivation of large areas and with good success rates,
  • Collaboration with traditional organizations,
  • Technical support for three years of these plantations, training and incentive scheme to compensate beneficiaries and motivate reforestation.

Watch video (in French) : Illustrations tree plantations in Madagascar

In 2020, the project adapted to the health crisis linked to Covid-19 by establishing health protocols and disseminating prevention messages. Outdoor activities were easy to adapt. (See picture above: an outdoor animation session on the importance and benefits of reforestation).

300,000 trees have been planted in 7 supported municipalities!

The project collaborated with more than 3,000 families who planted 204 ha of collective land with diverse species (Acacia, Jackfruit, cinnamon…). At the same time, 217 families, supported under a specific approach, reforested 20 ha of individual land.

CERISE continues to support this innovative initiative which involves the Malagasy communities in reforestation. Its contribution to the project currently represents 1.5 hectares of reforested land. “Small trees make great forests …”