Make the SDGs a roadmap for impact!

Thanks to co-financing from the AFD’s CSO Initiatives Mechanism, CERISE and its partners are coming together in a LabODD to work on measuring results with impact organizations.


This project is a concrete and operational proposal to current social and environmental emergencies. It aims to equip and support microfinance institutions, social enterprises and impact investors, to better measure the results with their beneficiaries, in connection with the Sustainable Development Goals

Today, the combination of advances in Social Performance Management (SPM), digitization and the unifying framework of the SDGs, leads to a promising context. CERISE aims to work within a LabODD, with its strategic partners and new members, to strengthen the capacities of 40 impact organizations in Africa and Asia. The overall goal is for these organizations to adopt and apply results-based management and reporting, focused on their beneficiaries – around 4 million clients – and linked to the SDGs. This is to ultimately ensure a better impact on their beneficiaries.

The project primarily aims to promote understanding of the SDG framework and the challenges of outcome measurement, so that partner organizations can appropriate these elements and integrate them into their strategies and operations. Organizations will be trained on the SDG framework and an initial inventory will help adapting the resources and information that will be disseminated (good practices, guidance note for navigating the SDGs).

Around 10 support projects will then be carried out with partners in the field to collect and analyze data from beneficiaries. The data will be reliable, useful for decision-making and linked to the desired contribution to the SDGs. Members of the LabODD, particularly SPTF et e-MFP, will exchange about their experiences and approaches, and help capitalizing on French and international expertise on the use of existing and new data to measure the contribution to the SDGs (satisfaction, perception changes, etc.).

In a third phase, the project will aim to motivate the monitoring of results, avoid “rainbow-washing” and make more transparent and concrete the reporting of impact organizations on their contribution to the SDGs. Organizations will have access to an online tool to collect, visualize and analyze standard results data for key SDGs. They will be able to build benchmarks and will benefit from report formats to guide decision-making and communication (SDG-specific dashboards, benchmarking reports, etc.).

The LabODD led by CERISE is the body to monitor, implement and capitalize on this project. Members will work closely together to coordinate field applications, collective creation (exchange of experiences, drafting of operational guides) and the dissemination of open access resources.


The LabODD is open to any structure that wants to be an active participant, in line with its objectives. Contact-us !