SPI online is launched!

SPI4 & ALINUS are available online!

At CERISE, we are committed to offering our users the most convenient and straightforward experience for social performance management. With this goal in mind, we have digitized the most widely used social audit tool in inclusive finance: SPI4!

SPI was created in 2003, with 15 pioneer microfinance institutions from all continents willing to better work with their clients. SPI4, aligned with the Universal Standards, was launched in 2014 and has been used to conduct more than 800 audits for around 600 Financial Service Providers in 82 different countries. And now it will be easier than ever to use! We are happy to announce that the digital version of SPI4 – called “SPI” – is officially launched!

What is SPI?

SPI is a web application designed by CERISE to conduct social performance assessments using the full SPI4 and SPI4-ALINUS tools. Aligned with the Universal Standards promoted by the SPTF, and Smart Client Protection Certification Standards, SPI online remains the same in content, and always accessible for free, as other audit tools developed by CERISE.

SPI can be used by anyone wanting to conduct a full social performance audit or ALINUS social due diligence of a Financial Service Provider.

Why use it?

The digital version of the tool keeps the same advantages as the Excel version of the tool, i.e. providing FSPs with social statements aligned with sector standards, helping define Social Performance Management action plans, streamline reporting and allowing for benchmarking. And the online version also bring additional benefits:

  • All of your audits in the same place

All SPI online users have their own profile where all their audits are stored. Very useful for FSPs who conduct audits on a regular basis, investors who use ALINUS for due diligence, and independent consultants who have audited dozens of FSPs. Of course, each user profile is confidential and only accessible by its user with a password.

  • Easily share your audits with partners or coworkers

You can share your audits in a quick and easy way by giving an authorization to VIEW the audit or to MODIFY it. For example, an FSP who has recently conducted an audit can allow a potential investor to VIEW it during the due diligence process. Or an independent consultant who is auditing an FSP can decide to allow the FSP staff to MODIFY the audit during the audit process, in order to add key data and comments. Anything is possible in only a few clicks!

  • Benefit and contribute to data generation on CERISE’s database

One of the many benefits of collecting social data with SPI is that users can directly compare their results to a database of hundreds of audits worldwide. The social dashboard resulting at the end of the audit process has been improved to automatically generate basic benchmarks from the sector. You can easily compare your results with peers. But we need your help to keep benchmarks reliable and relevant. Just like for the Excel version of the tool, you have the choice, when you start your audit, to authorize CERISE to use the results of your audit on a confidential basis to build benchmarks.

Those are the major new innovations. Of course, there are also all the typical benefits of an online version compared to an Excel tool: intuitive and easy to use, innovative data visualization, simplified and quicker filling of the tool, improved data security and confidentiality, and more.

Can I still work offline, with Excel?

We know connectivity is sometimes a challenge. With SPI online, you have the option to export SPI audit in a macro-free Excel file that you can fill in while you are visiting remote branches and clients, for example. When you have an Internet connection once again, you can import your work back onto the online version.

Can I see my most recent audits on SPI online?

Yes! CERISE has uploaded recent quality audits (from 2017 on) and linked them to the FSP and Auditor’s account. They are currently locked, i.e., you can’t make changes, but you can access the questionnaire and results dashboard. Make sure to send us any recently completed audits so we can get your audits online!

Any questions? cerise@cerise-spm.org

CERISE warmly thanks the sponsors and partners who help the team in building SPI online!