How to get the most out of SPIflat?

Use SPIflat for periodic update and local data backup.


SPIflat is a macro-free Excel file that you can export from SPI (download on your computer) to conduct your SPI audit offline.


SPIflat allows you to collaborate with your team or external stakeholders, even if you do not have Internet access. It is an “input” form—it does not provide scores or results dashboards—just as an Excel worksheet for you to fill out the Questionnaire, share your progress and request external inputs during the audit period. Once you are done auditing offline, you must import your SPIflat (fully or partially completed) back into SPI. This is required to generate results.

SPIflat is a reliable solution for local data backup. Once your audit is 100% complete, before clicking on “Finish audit”, export a SPIflat and save it in your computer. This is good way to secure your work and reuse your data to update your audit as often as needed!

SPIflat is also very useful for periodic update (e.g., every year). Instead of starting from scratch, you can start from your SPIflat from last year and update your answers and comments. You can update your SPIflat Excel file or update your audit online. Follow the steps!
  1. Create your annual audit online, choose to “Start online”
  2. Import your SPIflat from last year into this new audit online
  3. Start auditing online, updating your answers and comments


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