IDIA and the Operating Principles for Impact Management

Preparing your OPIM Disclosure Statement? Engaging in strategic thinking around your impact thesis or theory of change? Try IDIA.


CERISE-IDIA is a social strategy assessment tool designed to help impact investors meet the challenge of turning intention into impact.

IDIA is easy-to-use and free. As a stand-alone assessment, IDIA can help investors align their management systems with their impact intentions by analyzing five key areas. The new version also allows signatories of the Operating Principles for Impact Management prepare their Disclosure Statement, thanks to a selection of indicators that demonstrate how each Principle is incorporated into the organization’s operations.

You can either start with IDIA and copy answers over to the OPIM tab, or vice versa: start with the OPIM indicators and then copy answers over to IDIA. Either way, the assessment will get you thinking critically about your social strategy and the systems in place to support it.

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