CERISE’s 20th anniversary!

CERISE started off the new year with a flourish, celebrating our 20th anniversary! 


CERISE’s 20th anniversary event on January 11th was a wonderful occasion to connect with our partners near and far, past and future! The day was rich in dialogue, dreams and ideas for the future of ethical finance.

Ethical finance must be transparent, accountable, and driven by a commitment to tackling social and environmental challenges. It must be rooted in the real economy, address local needs, and seek to bring value to clients while reducing inequality.

A few messages came out loud and clear: CERISE and its partners must avoid falling into the trap of “social-washing” and “SDG-washing.” We must work to define, develop and support new ways to evaluate outcomes, by leveraging the increasing quantity of digitalized data,  by drawing on the SDG framework and by listening carefully to the needs of new actors in impact investing. Stay tuned as CERISE  works to integrate the day’s rich discussions into our future activities!

Our deepest thanks to speakers Komi Abitor (ETD), Irene Basile (OECD), Sébastien Boyé (I&P), Loïc de Cannière (Incofin), Frédéric Vuillod (Mediatico),  Christine Poursat(AFD), as well as the many partners and qualified auditors who made the event a success!

Special thanks to the Canaux for a gracious welcome in their beautiful building dedicated to the social economy, the Koncepterie for bringing CERISE’s history, tools and auditors to life on the recycled wood panels that decorated the venue, the Cuistots Migrateurs for a catering experience that is as cosmopolitan as it is delicious andSeb&Rudy, the dynamic duo without whom this event would have never happened.

Our partners wishes in video (subs in french only)