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It’s time to go digital!

In just a few weeks, SPI4 & ALINUS will be accessible through SPI, the digital version of SPI4 by CERISE! At CERISE, we are committed to offering our users the most convenient and straightforward experience for social performance management. With this goal in mind, we have digitized the most widely used social audit tool in…

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Interview to Mirjana Panin, Head of Social Impact and Communications at Opportunity Bank Serbia

[Extracts] OBS is part of Opportunity International network. The organization was founded in 2002 and now has more than 54,000 borrowers and about 30,000 savers. OBS is practically the only source of financing for small farmers and microentrepreneurs in Serbia. The Bank was the first in the country to become a member of the Global Alliance…

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The SPI4 Audit Guide available in Spanish!

A practical guide on how to conduct an audit and analyze the SPI4 indicators. Available on the SPI4 Resources page. Download the Audit Guide in Spanish Many thanks to the people who have contributed to the translation: Mariana Landaverde, Tomas Rodriquez and Ursula Fuerstenau.

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