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Outcomes Management for Financial Service Providers: A proposed standard framework aligned with the SDGs


A collaborative project involving the e-MFP Investors Action Group and SPTF’s Outcomes Working Group to explore innovative approaches for investors on measuring and reporting outcomes using the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals. March 2022.


LabODD Meeting #6

On March 3rd, 2022.


  • Inclusive Finance: summary of client surveys and next steps in 2022
  • Energy Access: review of codev workshop with ADA and Enda Tamweel
  • Agriculture: the “Agri Scoring Tool” to measure the responsible approach in agriculture, and how we can test it – With IISD
  • Gender: we launch a working group and schedule next exchanges

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The year in review


During 2020 and 2021, the work of CERISE and the LabODD focused on inclusive finance, access to energy and agriculture sectors, and on the Gender approach. Learn more in our 18-month review.


Key Resources related to the SDGs
Concrete & operational tools and resources for investors and social entrepreneurs to measure their contribution to the SDGs.

Contents: existing principles & standards, data collection and reporting tools, case studies, good practices and literature review.

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Version 2.0 updated in January 2022

2022 Calendar

LabODD’s main steps in 2022.