e-Cerisier March 2021


Our activities in 2020, upcoming discussions on outcomes, impact reports.


e-Cerisier November 2020


EMW 2020, LabODD update, MEF Impact Report, trainings and other news.

e-Cerisier September 2020


Launch of LabODD, Smart transition, Live demo on SPI.

e-Cerisier August 2020 – Special announcement

As the Smart Campaign is coming to an end, CERISE and SPTF are committed to preserving and advancing the Client Protection Standards.

e-Cerisier July 2020



e-Cerisier April 2020

Special e-Cerisier – Coordination of efforts against COVID-19: basic measures to adopt and specific guidance for the sector of Inclusive Finance.

e-Cerisier February 2020

Digital version of SPI4 coming soon, Social Outcome Measurement with Incofin and M-CRIL, Social Business Working Group, CERISE in Bordeaux

e-Cerisier December 2019

Read about Outcome measurement & reporting, SPI testing underway, beautified SPI4 APR Estimation tool, SAM, EMW & SIBC.

Season Greetings from the CERISE team, and best wishes for 2020!

e-Cerisier September 2019

SPI Online, BNP Paribas training, SBS GEnder module, SPI4 Audit Guide in Spanish, Aye Finance, Convergences and Barometer, Job opening

e-Cerisier May 2019

Smartcertifications, SPI online, MetODD-SDG case study, MFC Conference, SPTF& Smart Campaign’s Summit, Frankfurt School Summer Academy.

e-Cerisier March 2019

Launch of SPTF Europe, recent audit missions, the upcoming SPI4 Audit Guide in Spanish and e-learning in French. Plus CERISE’s 20th, the video!

e-Cerisier January 2019

Happy New Year – 20th Anniversary – New site and logo!

e-Cerisier October 2018

SPI4’s Transparency Index, MetODD-SDG, CERISE’s 20th Anniversary, Social and Inclusive Business Camp, SANABEL conference, European Microfinance Week

e-Cerisier September 2018

Launch of MetODD-SDG, methodology to measure contribution to SDGs

e-Cerisier June 2018


e-Cerisier May 2018

Special Digital Finance

e-Cerisier February 2018

CERISE’s carbon offsetting initiative, SBS social dashboard, E-learning module on SPM and SPI4, publication of Pre-financing mechanisms in fair trade report

e-Cerisier November 2017

SPI4 webinars in Arabic with Microfinance Gateway, SPI4 Audit Guide online, Global Social Business Summit, SB Working Group update

e-Cerisier October 2017

Partnership ACEP, USSPM Implemenation Guide, SBS Light trainings

e-Cerisier September 2017

Special edition: SPI4 Benchmarks

e-Cerisier July 2017

Monique Cohen new Board president, SBS and CERISE in MEAE strategy Innover Ensemble, partnerships Advans, Stromme East Africa, ACEP

e-Cerisier March 2017

e-Cerisier December 2016

e-Cerisier October 2016

SPI4 news – updates to v1.2.4 and benchmark tables

e-Cerisier May 2016

SPI4 in Vietnamese, SPI4 alignment with BRS Microfact Factsheet 4.1, SBS publication in Private Sector and Development Review by Proparco and AFD

e-Cerisier July 2015

SPI4 news