e-Cerisier May 2022


Universal Standards 3.0, Environmental Performance, Self-Guided Trainings, Digital Responsible Finance, Agri Scoring Tool, Basic Tips for SPI users and recent publications.


e-Cerisier January 2022





e-Cerisier December 2021


Client Protection Pathway Implementation Series, Universal Standards 3.0 for Social and Environmental Performance Management, the momentum for Outcomes Management.

e-Cerisier October 2021


The SPM Pros Network to support stakeholders in inclusive finance, the new Client Protection Pathway and the new publication by LabODD Energy Group.

e-Cerisier June 2021


Times are changing, and so are we! The expanded partnership with SPTF, news from our current projects in impact investing and inclusive finance, SPI Online Tips and SDGs Key Resources.

e-Cerisier March 2021


Our activities in 2020, upcoming discussions on outcomes, impact reports.


e-Cerisier November 2020


EMW 2020, LabODD update, MEF Impact Report, trainings and other news.

e-Cerisier September 2020


Launch of LabODD, Smart transition, Live demo on SPI.

e-Cerisier August 2020 – Special announcement

As the Smart Campaign is coming to an end, CERISE and SPTF are committed to preserving and advancing the Client Protection Standards.

e-Cerisier July 2020



e-Cerisier April 2020

Special e-Cerisier – Coordination of efforts against COVID-19: basic measures to adopt and specific guidance for the sector of Inclusive Finance.

e-Cerisier February 2020

Digital version of SPI4 coming soon, Social Outcome Measurement with Incofin and M-CRIL, Social Business Working Group, CERISE in Bordeaux

e-Cerisier December 2019

Read about Outcome measurement & reporting, SPI testing underway, beautified SPI4 APR Estimation tool, SAM, EMW & SIBC.

Season Greetings from the CERISE team, and best wishes for 2020!

e-Cerisier September 2019

SPI Online, BNP Paribas training, SBS GEnder module, SPI4 Audit Guide in Spanish, Aye Finance, Convergences and Barometer, Job opening

e-Cerisier May 2019

Smartcertifications, SPI online, MetODD-SDG case study, MFC Conference, SPTF& Smart Campaign’s Summit, Frankfurt School Summer Academy.

e-Cerisier March 2019

Launch of SPTF Europe, recent audit missions, the upcoming SPI4 Audit Guide in Spanish and e-learning in French. Plus CERISE’s 20th, the video!

e-Cerisier January 2019

Happy New Year – 20th Anniversary – New site and logo!

e-Cerisier October 2018

SPI4’s Transparency Index, MetODD-SDG, CERISE’s 20th Anniversary, Social and Inclusive Business Camp, SANABEL conference, European Microfinance Week

e-Cerisier September 2018

Launch of MetODD-SDG, methodology to measure contribution to SDGs

e-Cerisier June 2018


e-Cerisier May 2018

Special Digital Finance

e-Cerisier February 2018

CERISE’s carbon offsetting initiative, SBS social dashboard, E-learning module on SPM and SPI4, publication of Pre-financing mechanisms in fair trade report

e-Cerisier November 2017

SPI4 webinars in Arabic with Microfinance Gateway, SPI4 Audit Guide online, Global Social Business Summit, SB Working Group update

e-Cerisier October 2017

Partnership ACEP, USSPM Implemenation Guide, SBS Light trainings

e-Cerisier September 2017

Special edition: SPI4 Benchmarks

e-Cerisier July 2017

Monique Cohen new Board president, SBS and CERISE in MEAE strategy Innover Ensemble, partnerships Advans, Stromme East Africa, ACEP

e-Cerisier March 2017

e-Cerisier December 2016

e-Cerisier October 2016

SPI4 news – updates to v1.2.4 and benchmark tables

e-Cerisier May 2016

SPI4 in Vietnamese, SPI4 alignment with BRS Microfact Factsheet 4.1, SBS publication in Private Sector and Development Review by Proparco and AFD

e-Cerisier July 2015

SPI4 news