Aligning SPI to the Universal Standards 3.0

SPI5, the new version available by the end of 2022


Many of you have asked us if the SPI tool will be updated to align with the revised Universal Standards. The answer is yes! CERISE+SPTF are currently developing SPI5, the new version, fully aligned with the Universal Standards 3.0.

SPI5 will be available in fourth quarter 2022. We are taking the opportunity of the revised Standards to update the SPI online platform. We’re enhancing the interface, improving access to technical resources, and adding functionalities like portfolio-level analytics and expanded benchmarking. We’re also creating new tools to meet users’ needs (including a standalone module for Client Protection Assessment and a condensed assessment tool for ESG Risk analysis, to meet EU SFDR requirements).

If you need to conduct audits before the launch of SPI5, we recommend you use SPI4 and take advantage of the current SPI online tools. All audits done in the current SPI platform will still be accessible in the updated SPI platform.