The SPI4-Alinus is free, but in order to ensure high quality results and widespread use of the tool and social performance assessment, CERISE strongly encourages SPI4 users to get trained on how to use the tool efficiently!

Free e-learning module on SPM and SPI4-Alinus

This eCourse will introduce learners to the SPI4-Alinus tool. Find out how the Alinus due diligence tool can help investors save time, facilitate investment decisions and monitor the social performance of an investment portfolio against the robust SPI4 database of social performance benchmarks.

Important: CERISE does not provide e-learning training certificate on GPS and SPI4-Alinus. The only participation into this module does not give SPI4 qualification for auditors. Please see the process to become a qualified auditor.

On site trainings

CERISE offers design, development and delivery of training for investors on SPI4-Alinus tool and social performance management.

SPI4-Alinus training, European Microfinance Week, Luxembourg, 2018
African Microfinance Week 2021

From 18 to 22 October 2021 in Kigali, Rwanda.   Join us at the 5th edition of the African Microfinance Week (referred to as “SAM”, the French acronym), the largest inclusive finance conference in Africa! This year, ADA is organizing the SAM on the topic : “One is not born resilient, one becomes it: Fostering…

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