Created in 1998, CERISE is a French non-profit organization, pioneer in social performance management. CERISE is dedicated to responsible and ethical finance, willing to find solutions for mission-driven organizations to make their social goals a reality. 

CERISE believes finance can be responsible, ethical and inclusive, as long as economic actors adopt approaches to measure and manage their social performance.

As a social innovator, CERISE works with actors in inclusive finance, social business and impact-investing to co-create social standards and social assessment tools that are free to all.

CERISE offers consultancy services to all types of mission-driven organizations equipping them with the skills and tools they need to define and achieve their impact thesis.


Vision: Contribute to building a transparent, responsible, inclusive and high social-impact financial sector that contributes to the reduction of inequality.

Mission: Support impact investors, inclusive finance and social enterprises to achieve their social mission.


  • Collaboration – CERISE collaborates with a range of partners to facilitate knowledge sharing and collective intelligence. CERISE’s members and partners are catalysts of progress, thanks to their active participation and contributions to our collective thinking on ethical finance.
  • Innovation – CERISE constantly seeks to push the boundaries of our actions, to introduce innovative approaches and tools to respond to the challenges of inequality.
  • Solidarity – CERISE works closely with a rich variety of partners –financial service providers, social businesses, networks, investors, donors, researchers – from the North and South, who enrich each other mutually in their differences.
  • Respect – CERISE treats partners with respect and esteem, with particular attention to equity and fairness, regardless of their origin.