Accompagner les IMF dans l’audit social et l’amélioration des pratiques

Le témoignage d’un auditeur qualifié SPI


Joseph Boah est qualifié sur SPI en tant qu’auditeur externe. Il a 4 années d’expérience en suivi de projet et formation. Il a récemment conduit un audit SPI pour LAPO Sierra Leone et nous livre ici son témoignage (en anglais).

Recently, I conducted an SPI4 audit for LAPO Sierra Leone. I am in contact with the management to monitor progress of implementing the various recommendations. These are my key reflections during my interview with management and field visit.

First, during the audit process, especially while interviewing management, some of them came up with interesting ideas they ave not thought of, the benefits and how to implement them. This was vital for ownership. Secondly, some staff used the opportunity to discuss their challenges and hope management will address them. While some fell outside the audit process, I discussed it at length with management and provided roadmap options to address such issues.

Finally, a significant observation was when a client said “I feel special for such a visit”. While I consider the anecdote as special experiences for me as SPI4 auditor, it demonstrates the relevance of such social audits for all the relevant stakeholders.

I commend LAPO’s management, staff and clients for their involvement in the process and hope that implementation of the recommendations will only made LAPO SL brand stronger, healthier and more attractive to employees, clients, funders and other stakeholders.

I can only be excited about the prospect of MFI LAPO SL. I encourage other MFIs and FSPs to get audited. Thank you to ADA, CERISE, and LAPO SL !

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